Squatter Cleanup

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If a commercial or residential property has been left abandoned for a long period of time, squatters may come to inhabit it. They don’t have the responsibilities towards the building that most home or business owners do when the building is operational. Squatters are not necessarily homeless people looking for shelter, it is possible that the property is being used for drug use. Whatever is going on inside a squat house, one thing is definitely for sure: when the squatters leave or are evicted, the property is going to be in very rough shape. The experts at Trojan Flood & Fire can make sure that your property is reclaimed and brought back to its original condition properly and safely.

Even after the squatters have left, your property may be filled with all kinds of human wastes – bodily fluids, urine and feces. Not only will these make the property dirty and contaminated, but also very unsafe to enter. If the human waste is not removed right away, it will begin to rot and smell horrible, not to mention that it will attract many different kinds of animals and microbes to it, making the property an unfit place to live or work. There is also the danger of the inorganic wastes such as syringes and glass shards, to name a few. It can be a very dangerous situation for any person to walk in and begin cleaning the mess themselves, which is why you should call in professionals to take care of it.

If your property has become the victim of a squatter problem, give the experts at Trojan Flood & Fire a call immediately! Once you give us a call, our service technicians will come to your property to inspect the situation thoroughly. Once the inspection is done, they will provide you with a detailed course of action and can begin the cleanup process right away and get your property back to original condition as quickly as possible.

Some of our squatter cleanup services include:

  • Removal of human waste, animal waste, garbage, and messes
  • Thorough sanitation of all surfaces
  • Odor removal
  • Full cleanup of areas
  • Complete restoration of property
  • Board-ups

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