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To work for our customers’ best interests, Trojan Adjusting will work directly with insurance carriers on your behalf to help you submit the right paperwork and see to it that your claim is filed properly. While a claim amount cannot be guaranteed, the goal of Trojan Adjusting is to ensure our customers can get the highest claim amount based on their situation and circumstances.

Allowing your insurance company to determine how much money a claim is worth may not always be in the best interest of policy holder. By operating independently, we can represent your interests as the policyholder and be on your side to see to it that you get the maximum settlement that you deserve under your insurance policy.

Why Work With A Public Adjuster Like Trojan Adjusting?

  • Property owners fed up with low returns on insurance claims now have an alternative.
  • As Public Adjusters, we are experts in all aspects of specialized knowledge necessary to prepare, present and negotiate loss claims in order to achieve the greatest financial benefit on behalf of the insured, our client.
  • We handle Claims including but not limited to: Sewage backup, Water/flood, and Fire Losses
  • Trojan Public Adjusting can make the difference between the minimum amount that the insurance company offers and the maximum amount that the property owner is entitled to.

The Right Kind Of Training and Experience

As professionals in the industry, we know what to look for and how problems need to be handled. By knowing the full expenses, the labor, and the actual source of the problem, we can provide highly accurate information to insurance carriers so that your circumstance and situation is understood correctly.

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